Technology is something all around us. There’s no way denying it. You see it everyday whether you like it or not. What kind of technology I’m talking about? Well smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops and google glass are just some of the things you see everyday. We love technology, we use it for connecting with friends and families or some of us use it for hacking, selling drugs or cyber bullying. Technology can be used both ways mentioned above. I love tech which is the only reason why I made this site in the first place. Many people consider technology a boon or a curse as it can affect our lives and change it adversely. We have to be careful about the internet. Shit seriously goes down in the internet. You never know when you become the target. All I’m trying to say is, be careful of what you do and post. Mark people as spam if necessary. Report them even though it won’t do shit and then you get those shitty automated messages. Sometimes to best a hacker, you have to fight fire with fire. Hack him back. Don’t hold back, go full throttle.
(By The Way I am not trying to promote any hacking or any bad shit. What you do is what you do.)

Let begin with the basics of technology or skip right to it:


                                                         This is a simple PC Desktop setup.                                                                                             #PCMasterRace                                     


What is a PC you might say? (If you can’t answer then your retarded)

A PC is device that stands for Personal Computer. This is my own answer. Like I said before a PC is a device that has capabilities such as writing, calculating and many other functions. It consists of many parts that all work together to get you what you want. In this part I am going to cover what a Desktop PC is. In the picture above, you see a big black box. That is the PC. A PC has a processor that executes functions – some examples are the Intel Core i7 or the the recently released AMD Ryzen (better than Intel). It also has RAM which stands for Random Access Memory. They are basically the modules that go in the long slots. There are many variations – some have 4gb, 8gb, or if you’re that desperate, they even have 256gb of memory! Holy Cow! However they are strictly used for huge ass servers. It also has another slot called the PCIE Slot that is not only used for video cards but also for various other things such as PCIE based Ssd, sound cards…uh…I guess you can also use it for internal wifi cards. But let’s such focus on the GPU – Graphical Processing Unit. Long story short, it used for enhanced display features as it can increase resolution, have better output and much better performance – although with an Intel Processor you should be fines as it already has a GPU fitted inside a CPU. You can even call it an APU or All Processing Unit. Okay, moving on you will also have other things like the power supply DVD drive that I won’t cover – they’re just the basic. But hold up, if you have all these things, how do they work together? They’re not like legos where you try to piece them together (You know what I mean). In reality, they are quite like Legos. You put all the parts on a platform! This platform is known as a motherboard. Its basically a flat sheet that has the slots for RAM, Storage, GPU, CPU and a lot more. Of course the motherboard is gonna need power, that’s where the power supply come in – it has 24 pin plug-like thing that connects to its respective slot on the motherboard that provides for to all the parts. Here, let me show you the insides of a PC case.

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That is all I am gonna write for now before I suffer from Fatigue. Hope you learned something for once in your life. I will post again soon. Good day to you all!!!