When was the last time you used a Nokia? I’m not talking about the Nokia Lumia but an original Nokia phone? Well guess what? The original and updated version of the Nokia 3300 has returned! Now named the Nokia 3310. It’s amazing to see this company back on it’s feet once again making marvelous phones. Oh and don’t worry about it’s compromises – still indestructible and still has the game we all know and love, Snake! For you information, it was announced it MWC 2017, sparking a lot of delight in the crowds.


The updated version does inherits some of the features of its brother. The design, indestructibility, and Snake are just to name a few. It does have a colorful body that is totally customizable – my favourite colors are red and black by the way. It also has a glorious screen that is colored and along with it a massive display that is 2.4 inches!! Okay it certainly isn’t massive nor is it good either. I’d prefer a bigger screen, but this [hone is good enough. It also has some of the basics such as a micro SD slot, a lighter battery, a 2 MP camera just to cover the basics. If you want to check the full specifications,  click on this link. Here are some pictures of the phone below:


What really happened to Nokia

All the hype around this amazing phone got me thinking. This innovation really begs the question, how did Nokia shut down in the first place? I interested you can watch this 3 part video series how a dude explains how Nokia fell to its knees and eventually collapsing on itself. It’s pretty sad, but interesting as well.

The Video Part 1

The Video Part 2

The Video Part 3

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The Nokia 3310 as we know is the perfect phone for anyone, the features, pricing and a wide selection of games really tempts me to but it. But hold up, I just want to clarify something, will this phone make it, bring the company back on its feet. Sure it’s a modern take on the godly classic, Nokia 3300, but how many people will really buy it? I do not mean anything bad for this company, I am gonna buy one for my dad but in a world full of touch screens, dual cameras to see your acne better and phone with a whooping 6 GB of RAM, I really wanna see what’s gonna happen in the future. The phone itself is costs 49 Euros, making it perfect for someone who is on a tight budget. But that’s all for now, if you want to see more content like this, be sure to check my site..cough..WordPress site for more stuff like this.

Some Fan Quotes

 No, it’s not Microsoft, it’s Nokia (HMD Global)

Nokia has bought the company back.

At last Nokia Is back With its iconic phone..